Who is using it? 
Everyone Can Benefit! 

Who is using it? Maybe a better question to ask is who is capable of using it? And the answer is everyone, anywhere. It's #1 use is for stretching. It is also used for patient rehabilitation, strength gain, cardiovascular benefits, foot agility, and weight lifting resistance. The FlexBand is a well-controlled, and non-excessive tool. It is adequate for nearly all ages. Granted, most children are naturally limber due to their young age, but the FlexBand has even been proven to be safe for them. 


FlexBands are used by professional and college teams all over the world. Athletes are kept in top condition and decrease risk of injury by properly exercising with FlexBands. 

Health Professionals

Many rubberband products are used by health professionals. We believe that the FlexBand's durability and versatility will exceed your expectations. The results we have found with our patients for low back, neck, upper back, shoulder, and knee pain are just what you are looking for. 

Syndrome X Sufferers

On January 21, 2003, the Akron Beacon Journal featured an article on Syndrome X called "X Marks A Lot". The response was overwhelming. People wanted to know more about this disease. The following Thursday, our first informational meeting in Stow, OH drew 300 people, all looking for answers to their lifelong battle with weight, fatigue, heart beat irregularities and many other long-term health problems. Lana Koehler (Founder of Syndrome X Association) and Dr. Jeanette Moleski (from Hudson Family Practice in Hudson, OH) stayed until the last question was answered four hours later. It was evident that more information was needed and the Syndrome X Association was born. 


From gradeschoolers to senior citizens, there really is no practical age that is more suitable to use the FlexBand fitness tool. Just about anyone can use it. Just as everything else applies regardless of age, we politely ask that if used that all directions be followed in performing the exercises, and that all exercises, whether they are done for stretching, aerobics, or especially weight training, are done in moderation and with a spotter. 

*User please seek advice of a medical professional prior to using the product and/or attempting to use workout/rehab information.