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Testimonials for FlexBand
Satisfied Users 

 These are just a few of the satisfied customers that have ordered and reordered the FlexBand for use in their professions and everyday life: 

Rich Tuten
While at the College level we used many different stretching routines and devices in our strength and conditioning program. Even though we were able to achieve increases in our flexibility, we were limited in a lot of areas we needed to increase. This Off-Season, The Denver Broncos have started using the FlexBand by Jump Stretch and we can see and feel the results in only two weeks. The players like using the FlexBand because they know they are getting the results they want and need in a shorter amount of time. 

Also, the FlexBand allows us to passive stretch (controlled elongation of the relaxed muscle) without much effort or active stretch (muscle action during the movement) the muscle is contracted eccentrically. 

Rich Tuten
Strength and Conditioning Coach
Denver Broncos Football Club

Jim Tressel
Everyone knows that FlexBand increases leg strength tremendously. Everyone understands the concept that foot quickness and lateral movement are greatly enhanced with the use of FlexBand.  What many don't realize is how much self-image and self-concept contribute to success in competition. When our young people use FlexBand, they feel good about themselves. They know that they are going to have the lower body strength, quickness, and agility to compete with anyone in the country. I believe you have to keep that in mind when you look at the FlexBand. 

We have used FlexBand for six years in our strength program, and for the 1994 season, we included the new FlexBand stretching and flexibility program in our workouts. Our people stretch prior to practice, prior to workouts, and prior to games. We believe so strongly in this stretching program that we have eliminated all other stretching routines from our program. This program is extremely effective. It also helps us utilize our time efficiently. 

If you have an opportunity to look at the facilities at Youngstown State University in the strength and conditioning area you will find that we are well-equipped, but one thing that makes it complete is the use of FlexBand. In fact, our greatest growth in the future will be in the area of FlexBand enhancement, as we are currently expanding our number of FlexBand Stations. We feel that our strength program will make maximum contribution as long as it always includes THE FLEXBAND! 

Coach Jim Tressel
The Ohio State University 

B.J. Baker
"We experienced a period during our '96 season when our hamstring and lower extremity muscle strains began to increase. We addressed the issue by introducing the Jump Stretch continuous stretch bands and Dick Hartzell's lower extremity stretching program into our major league team's daily stretching warm-up routine. The results were quite impressive. Our incidence of lower extremity strains decreased dramatically.. This year the Jump Stretch Flexibility program will be instituted organization-wide, throughout our minor league system." 

B.J. Baker
Strength & Conditioning Coordinator
Boston Red Sox

Fernando Montes
"We did some testing with our players and used the FlexBands every day in our flexibility program, and found that we averaged anywhere between a half-inch to an inch-and-a-half improvement in flexibility just during spring training. That sold us right there, and as the guys got into the routine, we got positive feedback from them." 

Fernando Montes
Strength & Conditioning Coordinator
Cleveland Indians

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