​Ankle Traction
This video shows some of the basic steps when doing rehab on a sprained ankle.  
Rehab Videos
This video shows some techniques when dealing with a high ankle sprain.  
Ankle Traction- High Ankle Sprain
Carpal Tunnel Active Forearm Stretch
Rotator Cuff - Shoulder Strengthening
Knee Rehab Strengthening
*User please seek advice of a medical professional prior to using the product and/or attempting to use workout/rehab information.
Neck Exercises--Improving the Cervical Curve
Upperback and Neck Stretching - Active upperback and neck stretching using FlexBand
Ultimate Stretch - Stretch the whole body in minutes

Active Leg Stretching
Hip Flexor Stretch
Shin Splint Stretches - Self Massage
Lowback Stretching/Strengthening Floor Exercises
Lowback Exercises/Rehab Door Unit
Core Test/Train -Foam Roll
Core Stability Exercises
At Home Ankle Sprain Rehabilitation