The Distributor  

Since 1987 Dr. Shimmel has been a veteran of Chiropractic in Stow, Ohio, treating thousands of high school and college athletes using alternative, drug-free approaches. He has been a treating physician for several local high school teams for most of his career. 
Since 1997, Dr. Shimmel, has been the professional health consultant to Jump Stretch, Inc. Together with Coach Hartzell, they have developed new innovative approaches to rehabilitation of ankle, neck and low back pain with FlexBands. 

Leading Authority

Currently the leading authority in his profession on the use of FlexBand training, Dr. Shimmel has a rubberband room in his office he uses for rehabilitation and a training facility that is used for the conditioning of athletes of all ages. Numerous high school athletes have excelled under Dr. Shimmel's guidance and training on the proper use of the FlexBand. Next to Coach Hartzell, Dr. Shimmel at 6'3, 250lbs, is the second person that can jump on his ankle while inverted to prove that the FlexBand works. 
Dr. Michael Shimmel
*User please seek advice of a medical professional prior to using the product and/or attempting to use workout/rehab information.